The Tretyakov Art Gallery & Zamoskvorechye

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The tranquil area of Zamoskvorechye across the Moskva river from the Kremlin is a unique reserve of the 18-19th centuries architecture and art. It presents different architectural styles, from traditional wooden houses to Baroque and classical masterpieces. It is a must-see district on your list if you want to know more about the original Russian art.


Zamoskvorechye (“beyond the Moskva River”) applies to the southern area of the old city opposite the Kremlin. Until modern times Zamoskvorechye had a sleepy rural feel—even today the old twisting streets give it a character all but obliterated in other parts of the city. By the 17th century Zamoskvorechye was well settled by artisans serving the court; it was also the first line of defense against the Tatars. In the 19th century members of the most distinctive of classes, the Moscow merchants, built their homes here. They also sponsored artists and after time created Russia’s first art museum, the Tretyakov Gallery.

The Tretyakov Art Gallery features one of the biggest collections of Russian art which includes masterpieces which span a period of a thousand years. The Gallery was founded by a Russian merchant and patron of arts Pavel Tretyakov. He donated his collection to the city of Moscow in 1892. The State Tretyakov Gallery has since become a world-famous museum. Nowadays it contains more than 170,000 works by Russian artists from early religious paintings to modern art displayed in 62 rooms.

View Moscow through the eyes of locals with your private guide and check out the places loved by Moscovites.

Key highlights:

  • Private 4-hour tour of Moscow with our experienced guide.
  • Walk through the tranquil old district which appeared in the 15th century, view different architectural styles, from traditional wooden houses and first stone living chambers to Baroque and classical palaces and churches, get inside a functioning church of 17th or 19th centuries and enjoy a picturesque view of Moscow from top of the bridge
  • Visit the Tretyakov Art Gallery to familiarize yourselves with Russian paintings and get to know some Russian historical characters in the face.


10 am – Hotel pick-up

10.30 am – walk in Zamoskvorechye district

11.00 am – visit the Russian art collection in the Tretyakov Gallery

1.00 pm – Drop-off at your hotel or destination of your choice

What makes it different:

  • You can adjust the itinerary according to your wish: we offer ideas & you choose what you want. We will meet you at your hotel with your personalized itinerary.
  • Your tour will be a lot of fun, not a history lesson.
  • You may ask your guide any question which interests you about people, ways and traditions.
  • We can invite you to a Moscow family home. Check out “Eat with locals” page on our website.