Travelling to Moscow city center from the airport

When you are planning your trip to Moscow, most probably, you’ll arrive to one of the 4 airports, which make up a transport infrastructure of Moscow. Most probably, these will be the most used international airports of Sheremetyevo or Domodedovo, but it’s also possible that your flight will be scheduled for other smaller airports of Vnukovo and Ostafyevo, which are mainly used for local flights. Such a big number of airports, connected to railroads, buses and local trains, makes Moscow one of the biggest transport hubs in the world.

Getting from Sheremetyevo


Being the biggest and the most loaded airport in the country, Sheremetyevo has regular flights to more than 200 destinations worldwide, welcoming around 35 million passengers every year. Buses and minibuses (marshrutka) depart from metro stations Planernaya, Rechnoy Vokzal and Leninsky Prospect, and cost RUR 30 to RUR 70. Aeroexpress from Sheremetyevo departs to Belorussky vokzal railway station every half an hour, and costs RUR 400 for 35-45 min drive.


Being another large airport, it connects to up to 250 destinations worldwide. Getting to this airport is convenient any time of the day. The easiest way is to get there by taxi or by car, but there are also good connections by local transport – 45 minutes by shuttle bus from Paveletski train station (ticket price is RUR 400), a modern train moves in the same direction. There are also local buses and minibuses (marshrutka), which depart every 15 minutes and cost RUR 100-120 for half an hour drive between Paveletskaya metro station and the airport.


This airport is a convenient hub, building connections mostly with other Russian cities and neighboring countries. Every 10-15 minutes there is a bus departing from the airport to South-West (Yugo-Zapadnaya) metro station and back. The drive takes 20-30 minutes, and the ticket costs just RUR 100. There is also an option of Aeroexpress, which goes from Kievsky railway station (metro station Kievskaya), and takes 35-45 minutes, for which you will have to pay RUR 400. Aeroexpress departs every hour or every 30 min (after 3 p.m.).


This is the smallest airport among the listed ones, with the capacity of no more than 70 passengers per hour, still hosting local and international flights. Since it’s the least popular, it’s also the hardest to get to. You will need to take a local train from Kursky railway station or from metro startions Tekstilschiky and Tsaritsyno, having then made a transfer to a bus, a minibus, or a taxi, because there is no direct transport to the airport.

Mind that getting to and from the airports by taxis might be a tricky task, for the prices are hardly regulated in this sector. We advise you to use mobile taxi services, such as Uber or Yandex.Taxi, which are very popular in Russia.

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