The given REGULATIONS FOR ELECTRONIC REGISTRATION OF TOURIST PRODUCTS USING INTERNET, DATA TELECOMMUNICATIONS SYSTEM (hereinafter – “the Regulations”) define the procedure for rendering of services aimed at sale of Tourist product, as well as arrangement of document flow between the Tour company and the Tourist using Internet channels (international computer network), with the purposes of: selection and registration of tourist product, as well as drafting of electronic documents by the Tour company for further sending to the Tourist’s electronic mail.

Terms used in the given Regulations are understood and interpreted by the parties under the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, Federal Law of the Russian Federation On Basics of Tourist Activity in the Russian Federation approved by the decree of the Government of the Russian Federation, Regulations for rendering of services aimed at sale of tourist product, and other laws and delegated legislation of the Russian Federation governing tourist activity.

Should the given Regulations contradict with the imperative norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the imperative norms of the current legislation of the Russian Federation should prevail.


Tour company – IP Khevlya Viktoria Unovna under the brand name Visit Russia home and sightseeing that conducts business aimed at formation, promotion and sale of tourist products and (or) individual tourist services.

Tour company’s web-site –

Tourist product is a complex of services aimed at rendering of excursion services, entertainment,  transportation and transfer to the Tourist. Tourist services are indicated in the Internet at the electronic page,, and are not the final Tourist product. The content of Tourist product is formed by the Tour company on the individual basis, based on Tourist’s needs.

Tourist – individual that orders Tourist product from the Tour company.

Electronic communication – transfer/receipt of information between the Tour company and the Tourist using electronic mail (email) and/or text messages using WhatsApp and other similar applications.

Invoice Contract – document uniting the Invoice and Sales contract for Tourist Product.

Sale of tourist product –the Tour company’s activity aimed at conclusion of Invoice Contract with the Tourist, based on agreement of Tourist product with the Tourist.

Payment of tourist product – implicative actions of the Tourist expressing his/her will to conclude Invoice Contract with Tour company.

Online travel documents (briefly – “OTD”) – itinerary receipt of electronic ticket; voucher, travel insurance policy and other documents necessary for rendering of tourist services.


1.1. The Tourist independently selects the Tourist service at the Tour company’s website 

1.2. If needed the Tourist may send a request to amend/ tailor of Tourist product using contact data placed at the Tour company’s website.


2.1. The Tourist agrees on the Product by filling a special form at the Tour company’s website, pressing a BOOK button under the selected Tourist service.

2.2. In case of tailoring 2 (two) working days since receipt of the request, the Tour company notifies the Tourist on the opportunity to render the Tourist services, as well as sends to the Tourist several variants of Tourist product using electronic means of communication.

2.3. In 2 (two) working days the Tourist selects one of the offered variants of Tourist product and notifies the Tour company on it by sending a reply using electronic means of communication. The products is considered agreed since the Tour company receives the reply.


3.1. The cost of standard Tourist product is indicated on the website

3.2. The cost of tailored Tourist Product is communicated via electronic means of communication.

3.3. The prices are quoted in Russian ruble by Federal law. 

3.4. The payment is processed via on-line acquiring 

3.4. All services and charges are subject to the Tourist bank’s terms. 

3.5. No payment by the third parties as well as partial payment is allowed. 


5.1. The Tourist is entitled to change the list and terms for provision of services

5.1.1. The Tour company agrees to changes of the Tourist product no later than 7 days prior to the date of services. The Tour company sends a new proposal that should be approved by the Tourist in 2 (two) working days from the moment of its receipt at the latest.

5.1.2. The Tour company deducts actually incurred expenses, including cash assets paid to the third parties.

5.2. The Tourist is entitled to CANCEL the services on the following conditions:

Moscow tours: < 24 hours or no-show – NO refund

Museum tickets (Kremlin, Armory Chamber, St Basil’s, Tretyakov Gallery) if purchased – NO refund
One or multi-days trips: < 3 days – NO refund. 
Air/train tickets – NO refund.
Please inform us as early as possible if you have to cancel your trip via e-mail [email protected] or 24-hour phone/Whatsapp +7XXXXXX.

5.3. In case of CANCELLATION, cash assets are repaid to the Tourist’s bank card used for the payment of the product.

5.4. In case of late arrival the following conditions apply

Guide’s waiting time                         1 hour

Driver’s waiting time                        30 minutes

Non-refundable TICKETS with dates and time slots – no change, no refund


6.1. The parties are liable for improper performance of terms of the given Regulations since conclusion of the Invoice Contract according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

6.2. In case of any conflict, paper documents printed from electronic mail can be presented to court as a written evidence.

6.3. To ensure implementation of the services, the Tourist gives to the Tour company a three-year consent for storing, processing, dissemination and other use of his/her personal data allowed by the Federal law On Personal Data and transferred to the Tour company, as well as gives his/her consent for receipt of data about new Tourist products, discounts, activities from the Tour company on addresses and telephones indicated on the website. The given consent can be withdrawn by the Tourist in written form.


7.1. In case of any disputes the Parties settle them by means of negotiations, as well as through correspondence using electronic means of communication.

7.2. The claims regarding quality of Tourist product are presented to the Tour company using electronic means of communication in 20 calendar days since rendering of services, and are subject to consideration in 10 calendar days since receipt of claims under the procedure set by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

7.3. Should the controversies not settled by means of negotiations, the dispute is subject to consideration in court according to the legislation of the Russian Federation. The proceedings are held in Russian. The applicable law is the law of the Russian Federation.


8.1. The given Regulations are placed at the Tour company’s website.

8.2. The provisions of the given Regulations are changed and set by the Tour company unilaterally, without any prior notification.