Six must-see places in Russia for each tourist

The list of places to see in Russia can be incredibly long and, probably, life is not enough to travel the whole country. Therefore, we picked up the minimum program – six Russia tourist places, which everyone should visit to feel the real spirit of this beautiful country.

Peterhof, St. Petersburg

The famous palace and park ensemble, literally translated as “Peter’s Court”, is 29 km from St. Petersburg.
The main summer entertainment in our first Russia vacation spot is to splash in fountains-crackers, two of which – white benches – were built in 1723 according to the drawings of Peter himself.

Red Square, Moscow

Walking around Red Square, the most famous place in Moscow is good at any time of the year. In winter, you can skate and look for gifts to friends at the Christmas market. In the summer – to walk on this popular place in Russia, waiting for a deep night, when the crowds are thinning out, and the shining with lights Square looks really festive.


In Kamchatka, one of the most popular places in Russia, nature has won the man. Rare towns and villages shyly crowded in the shadow of wild, unconquered beauty.
From Kamchatka, you should not wait for five-star service and developed infrastructure. But if you dream to climb a volcano on foot or look at the caldera from a helicopter, catch a 10-kg chinook, taste fish soup at Koryak guests, see brown bears from a distance of several meters – you’ll like this Russia tourist spot.

Lena Pillars, Yakutia

Two hundred kilometers from Yakutsk along the bank of the Lena, the wall of the Cambrian limestone rocks rises. More than a respectable age and some unreality, the fantastic nature of the rocks is felt by everyone who looks at them: by Lena Pillars, you can study the evolution of life on Earth for the last 500 million years.
On the Lena Pillars themselves, go up to the observation deck: the view from the height is worth any efforts.

Olkhon Island, Baikal

Buryats-shamanists believe that every place has its own spirit. They have experienced a special superstitious thrill before the island of Olkhon in the center of Lake Baikal: it was believed that it was inhabited by formidable Baikal spirits.
Tourists go to Olkhon, coolest places in Russia, not only to find energy vibrations but also just to rest and enjoy incredible views.

Plateau Ukok, Altai

In the winding rivers and wide lakes, the photogenic bright blue sky reflects. The Ukok Plateau resembles Tibet in all its forms but is located in Russia, in the Altai Mountains. The place is harsh but incredibly beautiful and a bit unreal: the height is 2,200-2,500 meters, there are almost no people, and a strong wind only emphasizes absolute silence.

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