Saint Basil Cathedral

Saint Basil Cathedral, one of the most famous cathedral in Moscow, has also a few different names: The Cathedral of Protection of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat or the Pokrovsky Cathedral. This Russian Orthodox Church can be found on Red Square. It was constructed in the 1555-1561 due to the command of tsar Ivan IV Grozny (the Terrible).


Saint Basil Cathedral is more than representation of just Moscow, it represent the entire Russian religion life in general.

This astounding structure is made up of nine churches on one base, united by the gallery inside. For every church the dome is different with unique decorations. Before 1600, when Ivan the Great Bell Tower was created, the Cathedral, having the height of 65 meters, was the highest building in Moscow.

It can be hard to get the understanding of the interior design principles from the first sight, so it is better to walk around several times.

Today, Cathedral is mostly serving as a part of Historical museum, but sometimes worships can also be conducted here.

Another famous Russian city St. Petersburg is a host of the twin of the Cathedral – the Church of the Savior on Blood.

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