4 places in Russia which everyone should visit at least once

Russia is a treasure chest that can be sorted endlessly. Only in this country a lot of unforgettable places are collected together. Big city life of Moscow or the soulful atmosphere of Saint Petersburg? The unreal beauty of the Baikal water or thermal springs in the open air in Kamchatka? It’s up to you what to choose because this country has lot breathtaking places to surprise you with its beauty. Accept this rating as an elixir of inspiration and study the most beautiful corners of the country.

Lake Baikal


Where: Eastern Siberia.

Why visit: to recharge yourself with the energy of the deepest lake in the world.

At Baikal, everyone will find what he is looking for. Settle on the shore of this sacred lake, swim and taste omul. Take a ride on a sightseeing train on the rare Circum-Baikal railway. Meet the cute seal with round eyes. Solve shaman secrets of Olkhon Island. Drive to Arshan and try the healing power of mineral springs. If you want to visit the snow queen, come to Baikal in winter. Ride on downhill skiing or skates, and admire the blue, absolutely transparent Baikal ice. When it gets cold, get warm with the buhler – rich meat broth with spices.



Where: Kola Peninsula.

Why go: cross the Arctic Circle.

Although the Kola Peninsula is the Arctic Circle, it is not necessary to ride the reindeer for three days to get there. You just slam the door of your car and find yourself in the middle of the completely different world with the low-growing northern birches, emerald lakes and rocky mountains – the very middle of the Khibiny mountains. Romantics will definitely appreciate way through the taiga and tundra on foot, with just a backpack and camera. If you want adrenaline – try the safaris on ATVs: you will storm fords and climb to the passes directly on four wheels. If on the contrary, you want calmer adventures, you can relax on a cozy recreation center – the only one in the center of Khibiny – and enjoy the white nights in the summer or the polar lights.

Ukok Plateau


Where: The Republic of Altai, the junction of the borders of Russia, Kazakhstan, China, and Mongolia.

Why go: admire the Martian landscapes on Earth.

The Ukok Plateau is a real Mars but in the Altai. In the wide valleys lakes and streams glisten, on the horizon silver caps of the mountains rise – rarely you will see such endless expanses. In the complete silence, you can hear only the whistling of marmots: people on Ukok are rare and even a natural park here is called the “Rest Zone”. If you are ready to sacrifice comfort for the sake of cosmic beauty, come on an off-road car. Don’t forget to stock up on gasoline, camping equipment, warm clothes and food in advance. And upload a good map to the navigator, so as not to miss the radon thermal springs and the princess of Ukok.



Where: Far East.

Why go: learn how to live on a volcano.

In Kamchatka, it is difficult to choose the one place which is the most beautiful: it is beautiful everywhere. And everything seems to be unearthly: the Valley of Geysers is bubbling, Pacific waves are running on a black beach, and volcanoes are smoking restlessly. If you want to feel how it is to be born again – take a dip into Kamchatka thermal springs under the open sky. Rise on the Avachinsky volcano, on the way back, feed the gophers with cookies and then peep at the bear fishing on the Kuril lake. Take a walk in the lava fields near Sharp and Flat Tolbachik, only beforehand make sure that the volcanoes are sleeping sweetly: Kamchatka nature is so good that it can afford any whims.

These four places are only the small part of the beauty of Russia, this country knows how to surprise you and probably life is not enough to enjoy each of its mystical, beautiful and unique places. Start now to discover this country and you will not be disappointed.

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