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We welcome you to Moscow and wish you the most enjoyable stay. Our complimentary Moscow historical center walking tour is your bonus on ordering any tour with us.

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We welcome you to Moscow and wish you the most enjoyable stay. Our introductory Moscow historical center walking tour opens up the city for the first time visitors.

During this 2-hour tour you will get to know history facts and insiders’ hints, you will enjoy the iconic views of the capital and take a pile of photos. Lead by our experienced guide step on the cobbles of Red Square and admire the Kremlin crenelated walls and multitiered towers, GUM shopping mall, whimsical St Basil Cathedral and magic Nikolskaya street. You will walk through Alexander’s Garden to see the change of the Kremlin guards near the WW2 memorial of the Unknown Soldier and the Eternal Flame, and hear the chimes of the Kremlin clock. On the way to the notorious KGB throw a coin for good luck in the middle of the ‘zero mile’ mark and count the columns of the world famous Bolshoi theater. Pass by the remains of Kitai-gorod wall and learn if it is anyhow connected to China. Finally walk through open-air architectural ensemble of Varvarka street and finish the tour in Zaryadye landscape park on a flying bridge over the Moskva river. Learn many new facts about Moscow’s past and present, and of course about our daily life.

View Moscow through the eyes of locals with your private guide and check out the places loved by Moscovites.

Key highlights:

  • 2-hour tour of Moscow with our experienced guide.
  • Top city highlights and photographic scenery stops


10 am – Hotel pick-up

10.30 am – walk in Moscow city center and see the Alexander’s Garden, WW2 Memorial of the Unknown Soldier and Eternal flame, Manege square and ‘0 km’ point, Red Square, St Basil’s, Lenin Tomb and GUM, Nikolskaya street, the KGB building, Varvarka street and Zaryadye park

12.00 am – Drop-off at Zaryadye park or destination of your choice

Please note, the start time for this tour is flexible. The tour can be added to your existing itinerary.

What makes it different:

  • You can adjust the itinerary according to your wish: we offer ideas & you choose what you want. We will meet you at your hotel with your personalized itinerary.
  • Your tour will be a lot of fun, not a history lesson.
  • You may ask your guide any question which interests you about people, ways and traditions.
  • We can invite you to a Moscow family home. Check out “Eat with locals” page on our website.

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