Moscow Kremlin and the Patriarch’s Palace

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What is behind the crenelated walls of the Kremlin? Step on the cobble stones of this medieval castle, be fascinated by the grandeur of palaces and cathedrals, the astonishing Tsar-Pushka (cannon) and Tsar-Kolokol (bell).

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What is behind the crenelated walls of the Kremlin? Step on the cobble stones of this medieval castle, be fascinated by the grandeur of palaces and cathedrals, the astonishing Tsar-Pushka (cannon) and Tsar-Kolokol (bell) and decipher the meaning of the murals on the vaults and pillars with our professional guide. Discover the amazing wealth of the Russian Patriarch (head of the Christian Church) while visiting his palace. Each piece of the collection hides behind the secretes and legends of the past.

The Moscow Kremlin is the historical part of the metropolis, its cradle and heart, the working residence of the country’s leader, Europe’s largest medieval fortress and a treasure trove of historical relics.

The meaning of the word ‘Kremlin’ is a ‘stronghold built of pinewood’. Needless to say, wooden walls did not survive till today. The present-day fortress features 15-20th century architecture and art.

Italians invited to Moscovia by the sovereign Ivan III, grandfather of Ivan the Terrible, used the best of their knowledge and experience to create the Heavenly Hail on the Hill, architectural ensemble which included 2,4 km of masonry walls and 20 war towers, 4 palaces and 4 cathedrals. Shaped as a triangle the fortress sits on a bluff above the river, its Southern wall faces the Moskva River, Red Square stretches beyond the Eastern wall, and in the north-west it is flanked by Alexander Garden.

The Russian rulers lived in the Kremlin for centuries, got crowned, got married, baptized their children and eventually died and were buried inside the Kremlin walls. The world’s largest piece of artillery, the ‘Tsar-Pushka’ and the world’s largest bell the ‘Tsar-Kolokol’ are displayed on its grounds.

The divine Cathedral square witnessed the most crucial episodes in the Russian history. The most important cathedral in the square is the Dormition Cathedral, it was the scene of the coronation of the tsars of 2 dynasties from Ivan the Terrible to Nicolas II. The Archangel Michael Cathedral is the burial place of royal males. The enchanting Annunciation Cathedral is the domestic church of the regal family, decorated with breathtaking medieval murals.

The heads of the Church lived next to the Tsars. Their palaces rivaled in grandeur and beauty of decor and their wealth was equally huge. Once the Patriarch challenged the royal power and was deposed. Learn this story from your guide.

Key highlights:

  • Private 3-hour tour of Moscow with our experienced guide.
  • Discover the medieval Kremlin grounds and its beautiful cathedrals. See Tsar-cannon, Tsar-Bell, Ivan the Great Bell Tower, look at the working place of the President of Russia and try to guess if he is in the office today.
  • Visit the Dormition Cathedral, the coronation place of the Tsars, and see the throne of Ivan the Terrible, the oldest murals and icons.
  • Visit the Palace of the Patriarch to figure out how he got the treasure as rich as that of the Tsars.


9.30 am – Hotel pick-up

10.00 am – visit to the Kremlin grounds

11.00 am – visit to the Assumption Cathedral, the coronation place of the Tsars

11.30 am – visit to the Patriarch’s Palace and the collection of the Treasure

1.00 pm – Drop-off at your hotel or destination of your choice

Please note, the time for the Kremlin and Patriarch’s Palace visit is subject to change during peak season according to available booking slots.

What makes it different:

  • You can adjust the itinerary according to your wish: we offer ideas & you choose what you want. We will meet you at your hotel with your personalized itinerary.
  • Your tour will be a lot of fun, not a history lesson.
  • You may ask your guide any question which interests you about people, ways and traditions.
  • We can invite you to a Moscow family home. Check out “Eat with locals” page on our website.

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