Moscow 3-day tour

$467 / €391


Experience Moscow during this perfectly-shaped 3-day tour with your private guide! You will see all of Moscow’s top attractions from your must-see list. Historical downtown, fascinating St Basil Cathedral, the Kremlin with its sacred cathedrals and crenelated walls, remote Tsar’s residence – Kolomenskoye summer estate and the ancient Novodevichy Convent, which history is closely connected with the history of Russian Grand Princes and Tsars. Immerse in local culture while visiting the Tretyakov Gallery – the largest Russian painting collection and discover Muzeon park – the park of Fallen Idols with the XX century sculptures of soviet leaders.

Key highlights:


  • Private 3-day tour of Moscow with our experienced guide
  • Visit Red Square and see St Basil Cathedral, GUM and Lenin’s Tomb
  • Discover the medieval Kremlin and its beautiful cathedrals (advanced booking)
  • Explore the old town of Moscow
  • Walk along Arbat – busy pedestrian street packed with gift shops and cafes
  • Visit 16th century Kolomenskoye Estate and the Tsar’s wooden Palace
  • Explore Moscow by metro, see some of the most fabulous stations and pavilions
  • See grandiose collection of Russian art in the famous Tretyakov Gallery
  • Walk in Zamoskvorechie – the area beyond the Moskva river, where rich Russian merchants and art collectors used to live in 19th century
  • Visit Muzeon park – the park of Fallen Idols, and walk along the Moskva river embankment
  • Feel tranquil atmosphere of the Novodevichy Convent, loved and patronized by Russian Princesses and Queens – the best example of Moscow baroque architecture of 16-17th centuries


Day 1

10 am – Hotel pick-up

10.30 am – St Basil Cathedral, Red Square, GUM, Lenin’s Mausoleum, Nikolskaya Street, the Bolshoi Theatre, Manege Square, Alexander’s Garden, the Ruined Grotto, WW2 memorial Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and the Eternal Flame

12.00 am – The Kremlin grounds, the Kremlin towers, the Tsar Cannon, the Tsar Bell, the Kremlin Cathedrals: the Dormision Cathedral, the Annunciation Cathedral, the Archangel Michael Cathedral and the Cathedral of Twelve Apostles in the Patriarch’s Palace – for guided tour advanced booking is required

1.30 pm – Lunch (traditional Russian or any other cuisine) – optional

2.30 pm – Walk around Moscow’s old town: Tverskaya Street, Kamergersky Lane, Bolshaya Dmitrovka, Kuznetsky Most, Petrovka Street, Stoleshnikov Lane. Stroll along Tverskoy and Nikitsky boulevards packed with XIX century mansions, theaters and museums

4.00 pm – Enjoy vibrant Arbat street, take pictures, buy souvenirs

5.00 pm – Drop-off at your hotel or destination of your choice

Day 2

10.00 am – Hotel pick-up

10.30 am – Novodevichy Convent and Necropolis – visit serene place which used to be not only a convent but a fortress witnessed the most important moments of Russian history

1.00 pm – Lunch (traditional Russian or any other cuisine) – optional

2.00 pm – Kolomenskoe Estate with its churches of 16-17th centuries and Palace of Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich (the father of Peter the Great)

5.00 pm – Drop-off at your hotel or destination of your choice

Day 3

10.00 am – Hotel pick-up

10.30 am – Visit the Tretyakov Art Gallery – the greatest collection of Russian painting

12.00 am – Discover Zamoskvorechie district with its old churches, fashionable cafes and contemporary art studios.

1.00 pm – Lunch (traditional Russian or any other cuisine) – optional

2.00 pm – Visit Muzeon park – the so-called park of Fallen Idols – statues of former Soviet leaders situated on the bank of Moskva-river

3.30 pm – Walk along the Patriarch’s bridge and enjoy one of the best views of the Kremlin, take fabulous pictures of Moscow’s panorama.

4.00 pm – Visit the largest Russian Orthodox church – the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour. Use elevator to get to the outer gallery under the dome and take breathtaking pictures of panoramic view of the city center

5.00 pm – Drop-off at your hotel or destination of your choice

What makes it different:

  • You can adjust the itinerary according to your wish: we offer ideas & you choose what you want. We will meet you at your hotel with your personalized itinerary.
  • Your tour will be a lot of fun, not a history lesson.
  • You may ask your guide any question which interests you about people, ways and traditions.
  • We can invite you to a Moscow family home. Check out “Eat with locals” page on our website.