Kolomenskoye Estate and Tsar’s Summer Palace

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Feel the real life of Moscow sovereigns’ families in Kolomenskoye, a marvelous tsars’ village located in the outskirts of the metropolis on a high bluff above the Moskva River. The tranquil shady gardens, unique Russian architecture of 16-17th centuries and astonishing Wooden palace of the second Romanov Tsar Alexei often called “the eighth wonder of the world” by its contemporaries, make an ideal half-day trip.

shutterstock_115566226Laid in the 14th century, the little village grew into one of the most favorite retreats for Moscow regal court. Three Russian tsars left their footprints on the grounds of Kolomenskoye: Ivan IV better known as the Terrible, Alexei Romanov, father of Peter the Great, and Peter himself.

The top attraction for the tourists is by all means the Ascension Church dating from the 1530s and protected by UNESCO. A magnificent white-stone church, was commissioned to mark the birth of the heir to the throne Ivan, Tsar Ivan the Terrible stands on a high bluff. Its skyscraping tower is a rare sample of the tent or pyramid-type structure which survived the centuries to represent once a very popular architectural style.

Later this famous Tsar ordered to build another extraordinary edifice in honor of his wedding. The Church of John the Baptist surprisingly resembles the Intercession Cathedral in Red Square as it was built by the same architects. Now it is a functioning church, and is open for worship.

Tsar Alexei Romanov loved Kolomenskoye dearly and every spring his big family, the regal court and even the royal treasure moved from the official residence in the Kremlin to the royal village in the south-east. His son Peter, future emperor of Russia, spent much time there as a child. In 1667-1668 a magnificent wooden palace was erected. In a single complex of the Sovereign’s court there were wooden mansions with 270 rooms, a home church of Our Lady, Steady, Fodder, Food yard, office chambers, Colonel Chambers and guard-rooms. The entire state courtyard was encircled by a wall with three gates: Front, Rear and Garden.

The stone structures survived till today, while the wooden Palace perished in a fire. However, it was lately rebuilt by the original blueprints, found in the archives. The wooden Palace represents the original inner decor of a royal premise and features the court etiquette and social life of 16-17th centuries.

A most fetching original little house on the grounds is the timber hut of Peter the Great brought here from the town of Archangelsk where Peter stayed while supervising the work in the shipyards on the White Sea.

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Key highlights:

  • Private 4-hour tour of Moscow with our experienced guide.
  • Plunge yourselves in the history of Russia and enjoy the atmosphere of 16-17th centuries in the royal premises of Tsar Alexei, the father of Peter I, the wooden hut of Peter I and the museum of the regal court.
  • Visit 16-17th centuries functioning orthodox churches: Church of John the Baptist and Church of Our Lady of Kazan; Church of St George with Refectory and Bell tower.
  • Take a picturesque view of the Ascension Church, a UNESCO heritage


10 am – Hotel pick-up

10.30 am – visit Kolomenskoye Tsar’s Summer wooden Palace

11.30 am – walk through the park and visit the functioning 16th century church of John the Baptist

12.00 am – view the UNESCO heritage 16th century Ascension church and visit the Tsar’s Court

1.00 pm – visit the Church of Our Lady of Kazan and the cottage of Peter I (optional)

2.00 pm – Drop-off at your hotel or destination of your choice

What makes it different:

  • You can adjust the itinerary according to your wish: we offer ideas & you choose what you want. We will meet you at your hotel with your personalized itinerary.
  • Your tour will be a lot of fun, not a history lesson.
  • You may ask your guide any question which interests you about people, ways and traditions.
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