What do you need to know before going to Russia?

Travelling to Russia is always a nice idea, but a procedure of getting a visa before the departure is quite stressful. Here are the most frequently asked questions that we hear from our clients:

Visa Information

  • Do citizens of my country need to obtain a Russian visa?

In most cases, yes. Wikipedia has nice tables with visa requirements for all countries, so we advise you to search for the actual information entering the type of your passport in searchbar.

  • How long does the procedure of obtaining a visa take?

The fastest you can get it is 2 working days, but standard waiting time is around six working days.

  • What is the list of the documents I need to apply to obtain a Russian visa?

The list of the documents varies on visa type and on the country of your origin. But in general you will need a passport, an invitation letter, a recent photo, visa application form, confirmation of the booking of your tour

  • What is the difference between single and multiple entry visas.

Single entry visa is a type of visa, which will permit you to enter Russia only once. Keep it in mind while planning your trip! Multiple entry visa will allow you to enter Russia more than once – twice if it’s double entry, and unlimited number of times if it’s a multi visa.

  • How to proceed with my payment for visa application?

You can use your credit card to submit the payment.

  • Is it possible to implement some changes to my visa?

If the visa has already been issued, no data can be changed in it. If you need to move your travel to other dated, you will have to apply for a new visa.

  • What to do if I’m having problems filling online application form?

Application form for a Russian visa has to be filled, printed, and signed by an applicant. However, if you find any difficulties with filling it, we can help you doing it for a small commission.

  • Where to pick my visa?

You always need to collect it from the same structure, where you applied your documents.

Most frequently asked questions before a trip to Russia:

  • Which currency should I take to Russia?

Official Russian currency is ruble, and it is strictly forbidden to accept payments in any other currencies. In shops and multiple touristic places it is possible to pay with a card, however, you should be aware that many places, especially in the smaller cities, do not have an option of accepting payments with a credit card, that’s why you should always have some cash with you. You can withdraw cash from your credit card while in Russia or take USD or EUR with you. Exchanging other currencies might be a real problem. Mind that sums over 10,000 USD in cash have to be declared on the border.

  • Is it cold in Russia?

Russia is a big country, and the answer depends on the region and the time of the year. The main cities in Russia – Moscow and Saint Petersburg are best to visit from May through September, when the weather is warm enough and dry. In summer season the temperature during the day will range from 20C to 30C. Visiting Russia from October to April may not be as pleasant because of rains and mud, followed by winter frosts, which may be too strong for those who are not used to them.

  • What transport do I use when in Russia?

While you are in bigger cities, we advise you to use metro – it’s not only the most comfortable and fastest way of getting around, it’s also architecturally very beautiful. Big cities have nice means of public transportation, including buses, trolleybuses, trams, metro, taxi.

  • How do I buy tickets?

Our office can help you with reservations of train, theater, and museum tickets. But city bus tickets and metro cards have to be bought on a spot.

  • Do people in Russia speak English?

There are touristic points, where people do speak English, but in general, being lost in Russia, you will find yourself in a pretty difficult situation, because people do not speak any English. However, touristic sector is quite developed, and you will find a lot of possibilities of having guides and excursions in English language. Also, Russian subway stations have names written in Latin letters, so most probably, you won’t get lost in metro.

  • Are museums open on holidays?

Russia has its own set of national holidays, which mainly do not coincide with those of other countries. Also, Russian holidays last longer, but unlike other countries, in Russia all shops, museums, and touristic places remain open all holidays.

  • Do I need to have my documents with me?

In Russia, police often checks tourists, and a police officer can ask you for documents at any moment. Being in Russia, it is strongly recommended to carry your documents with you at any time.

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