How to increase the effectiveness of sales using Internet marketing tools?

Nowadays Internet trading is developing particularly actively because it allows saving a lot of money on the maintenance of a regular store. However, competition is growing, and purchasing power is decreasing. In these conditions, it is especially important to understand what methods of promoting offered by FACE2TRADE can be most effective for your business.

The main tools of Internet marketing and their role in improving sales efficiency

Search engine promotion (SEO and SEM)

SEO is the optimization of your site so that it has unique content with a well-composed set of keywords. The optimized site can be easily found by the search engines, increasing your chances to get to the first pages of the search. Total site conversion after optimization can grow by 75%. SEM is an advertising that you buy on search platforms. Your ads or banners will appear before the SERP. SEM gives a quick result and is used in cases where it is required to advertise a new product.

Contextual advertising

Ads that will be issued on the topic of Internet user’s requests are contextual advertising. There are text, banner, and video advertising types. The growth of conversion when placing contextual advertising can be up to 20%.

Display advertising

Display advertising is banner ads in Internet media, analogous to ads in the usual press. They are remembered by the target audience and create the image of the company. The conversion can vary from 1 to 20% depending on the platform choice.

SMM is an attraction of clients through social networks

You can maintain your own company pages in social networks or order ads in well-known Internet blogs when you pay for a specific text, in which a blogger tells about the personal experience of purchases in your online store. The average increase in your profit can reach 35%.

Email marketing

Email marketing is advertising letters, sent to subscribers or customers of the company. It has the highest conversion rate in comparison with other promotion methods. However, it should be noted that mailings should be made to interested users who somehow visited your site and signed up for news.

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