What are the stages of getting a visa to Russia?

Russia is an awesome country to visit. However, visa application process may turn out to be annoying. We are here to provide you a detailed step-by-step tutorial on getting a Russian visa.

Step 1

Do I need a visa?

The first stage of planning your trip to Russia starts with finding out if the citizens of your country need a visa to travel there. Among the countries, which don’t need a visa, are Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and many other countries. But if you are from Europe or America, most likely, you will need to go through visa obtaining procedure. Wikipedia has nice tables with visa requirements for all countries, and if you enter ‘passport of … (the name of your country)’, in Wikipedia search bar, you will see a table with a very detailed information on visa requirements for your case.

Step 2

What is the purpose of my travel?

The purpose and duration of your travel defines the type of Russian visa you are going to apply for.

Your visa is going to be one of these types:

  • Tourist Visa. Special Purpose Tourist Visa. Each case is customized, but in general it allows up to 30 days stays, with up to 2 entries to Russia. Special Purpose Tourist Visa is no different, but is issued for those who are going to visit some special events in Russia.
  • Business Visa. Multiple Entry Business Visa. Those who are planning to go to Russia with business purposes, need to apply for Business Visa type. It’s valid up to 90 days, allowing up to 2 entries within this period of time, and while applying for it, you’ll need to provide proofs of your business purposes in Russia. Those, who require more than 2 entries, will have to submit documents for a multiple entry business visa type, which is valid for 365 days, and does not limit the number of entries in the Russian Federation.
  • Transit Visa. This type of visa is valid for 30 days, allowing the maximum of 2 entries to the country, solely with transit purposes.
  • Private Visa. Having proved private purposes of the visit, a foreigner can apply for a private visa, allowing up to 90 days of stay, and a maximum of 2 entries.
  • Humanitarian Visa. Athletes, workers of culture, and humanitarian activists, carrying out activities in Russia, need to apply for this type of visa, which is valid up to 1 year, allowing unlimited number of entries to the country.
  • Student Visa.The whole term of Study in the Russian Federation has to be covered with a Student Visa, which is valid for up to several years, allowing multiple entrances to the country.
  • Work Visa. Is issued to those foreigners, who are employed in Russia on legal terms and on constant basis. Guarantees the freedom of multiple entries.

Step 3

Visa Application form

As a next step, you need to download and to fill in a visa application form. It may seem to be quite complex and you need to be attentive, but with our instructions it won’t make any problem for you.

Step 4

What documents would I need to apply for a visa?

A set of basic documents required for visa application will include a passport for foreign travels, visa application for, a recently made photography, and confirmation for booking of your touristic trip. Mind that this list is not full, and in many cases an embassy will ask for extra documents.

Step 5

How do I apply my documents?

According to the requirements of the government of Russia, you will need to apply your documents in person, in order to implement the procedure of getting your biometric data (fingerprints).

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