How to get a Business Visa to Russia?

There are two types of Business visas for visiting Russia – a Double entry for 3 months, and a 1 year Multiple entry visa. Those who travel to Russia with a purpose of conducting business, need to apply for business travelling purposes. Those who take part in exhibitions, conferences, and forums, are also often advised to apply for a business visa. This type of visa is issued for the period of 90 days featuring double entry or for 6-12 months having multiple entry option.

Applying for a business visa

To apply for a business visa, you need the following documents:delovaya_viza

  • passport having enough free pages in it and valid for at least 6 months after the exit;
  • online visa application form, printed and signed, with a passport-size photography on it;
  • An Official Invitation Letter;
  • A Booking Form from the Russian National Tourist Office;
  • Employment letter from your employee, providing the reasons for travelling;
  • Visa fees bill;
  • Directors and owners of their own business will need to provide a bank statement for the last three month, and a confirmation of funds for the upcoming travel;
  • Additional documents upon request.

Remember that those applying for a business visa must have an official invitation issued by the ministry of interior affairs. Application for an invitation can be sent as minimal 1.5 months before the first day of your visa validity. This official invitation is only one of the documents you need to have for visa application. After getting it, you need to apply your documents for a visa in a standard procedure. It is possible to apply for this sort of invitation online. Remember that while applying for a visa, you’ll need to give your valid passport to the embassy of Russia for all period of processing it.

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