It began some time ago. After we travelled quite a lot and could call ourselves “experienced travelers”, we suddenly realized that the most fascinating about a foreign place is to look at it through the eyes of locals.

No matter if you’re on a short city-break or a two-week trip, there’s no better way of getting to know a place than asking the locals. They know the ins and outs, the dos and don’ts, the where-to-gos – and the where-not-to-gos. And they are the best tour guide you could wish for ☺
The most obvious way to meet local people while traveling is to talk to them, but it’s often harder than it sounds: walking up to a stranger isn’t everyone’s strong point. Getting to somebody’s private home is mission impossible ☺

So, getting to know what the local home is like, what the locals cook and talk over meal, what they think of themselves and their own place, city and country, what they heard about us and how different or similar we seem to them, became the hot topic for us when we came back home.
If you look for unique experience when on a trip in Russia we are out here for you. We start this project with a strong believe that meeting the Russians and talking to them will help you understand more about our people and our country. What better way to get to know locals than walking into people’s houses around dinner time and share a delicious meal?

The big bonus is that your host is a guide who can take you around Moscow! We know the city inside out. We have worked here as guides for years, sharing insight and recommendations with travelers from all over the world. Passionate about Russian culture, history, and the unique aspects of the lifestyle, we try to ensure that every person we meet enjoys a truly authentic experience of this city.

We follow 3 simple rules of hospitality: being honest, caring and trustworthy.

We have transparent prices, we pay taxes, we do not have hidden costs. We are professionally trained guides and hold official license.

Our mission is to provide you with the most unique and exciting experience possible. We are flexible and adjust our service to your liking. We have a lot of free information and travelers’ hints and tips on our website.

Please rate your experience on the website, your feedback helps us to grow better and build trust our future guests.


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